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The Strand Walking Tour

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Walking the Hermosa Beach Strand

The Strand began in 1902 as a boardwalk made of Oregon pine planks. Redondo residents called it "a walk to the middle of nowhere". From time to time, high tides would wash sections of it away. This led to the planks being gradually replaced with cement between 1914 and 1926.

This tour was originally written by Patricia Gazin in 1977. It was given out to guests who stayed in sunny Hermosa Beach at the Sea Sprite Motel. The tour was updated in 2021 by Museum volunteers- almost half of the historic homes on the tour had to be removed due to the house structures having been totally demolished.

We would like to thank Stroyke Properties Group for helping to sponsor the initial reproduction of this tour. Our goal is for this walking tour to become an immersive audio tour downloadable to our Walking Tour App.

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