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Collections Access

The Hermosa Beach Museum archives and collections contain a wealth of artwork, books, ephemera, photographs, material culture, and other materials.

Photographic Usage and Reproduction

The Hermosa Beach Historical Society (HBHS) does extend black and white or color photographic reproductions for one-time, one-use, non-exclusive, single language, publication rights. Current available historic photographs can be seen online by clicking here.


The HBHS will supply a 600 dpi (or best quality possible) digital file for use as part of the agreement. The HBHS currently does not offer hardcopy reproductions.

Reproductions of materials from the collections of the Hermosa Beach Historical Society (HBHS) are provided under agreement for purposes as indicated in writing by the user and agreed upon by the HBHS. Conditions governing their use are specified by an agreement generated by the HBHS and to be signed both by the user and a representative of the museum.

To utilize and image from the collection, please complete the photographic Copyright & Reproduction Form, and submit to staff at along with a statement of intended use.

On site Collections Research


If you would like to visit the Museum to conduct research or to access Museum archives and collections, please submit your request by filling out a Request to Access Collections Form and submit to staff at This form must be completed for access, and the requested date must allow staff at least 5 business days to provide requested materials and accommodate the appointment. 


Click the PDF icon to download the

HBHS Copyright & Reproduction Form:

Click the PDF icon to download the

HBHS Request to Access Collections Form:

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