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Hermosa Beach Mural's Project

Making a Positive Impact One Wall at a Time

Chuck Sheldon- a longtime Hermosa Beach resident and former mayor- founded the Murals Project in late 2009 after he and a group of friends toured the murals of Santa Paula and 29 Palms in California.

Chuck was inspired. He realized that murals can beatify a downtown business corridor, attract tourists which positively impacts the local economy and capture Hermosa’s rich and eclectic historical events that otherwise might be lost. 


Chuck gathered some close friends and neighbors, formed The Hermosa Beach Murals Project (HBMP), a non-profit corporation, and began planning Hermosa's first mural.

The goal of the Hermosa Murals Project was to dedicate 10 murals in 10 years to Hermosa Beach's downtown area. The non-profit organization raises money through the sale of giclees, donations, and memberships to pay for the artist, the prep work and installation of the murals. They accomplished this goal in 2020 with the installation of their final (and largest) mural.

The Mural's Project as of 2021 has merged with the Hermosa Beach Historical Society now that they have completed their goal of 10 murals in 10 years. We would like to thank everyone who served on their board including Steve Izant, Pete Hoffman, Mike Flaherty, John Horger, Chuck Sheldon, Gina DeRosa, George Schmeltzer, and Maureen Ferguson Lewis. 

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Thank You to Our Mural Sponsors:

Athens Services

Marlin Equity

Maloney Development

Royalty Holdings

Baker, Burton & Lundy

Barahona Surfboards

Beach House


Broza Photo

Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation

Easy Reader News

Gina L.DeRosa, CPA, CFP

Good Year

Hermosa Escrow

Kiwanis Club

LA County FD Lifeguards

Lane Design + Build

Linda Wilson

Liz Ramirez

Nick Phillips Properties Group

Rotary Club

Sea Sprite

South Bay Aviation

Strand Brewing Company

Virgin Orbit


AMI Productions

Beach & Beverly

Bo Bridges

John & Patsy Brierley

The Deck

Good Stuff

Gum Tree



Hammitt, Los Angeles

Hermosa Beach Fish Shop

Hermosa Cyclery

Jacks Ukulele

Jol Design

Kim D. West Photography

La Playita

Lauren Tavern

Mobil Animal Hospital

Pacific Coast Gallery

Paradise Handcrafted Ice Cream

PCH Skate Camps

Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster Co.

Roberta Moore

Sector 9

Andre & Seena Sharp

Chuck & Missy Sheldon

Shock Boxx

Smackfest Events

Sol Baby


Spyer Surfboards

Surf City Theatre Company

Sweet Blooms



William Bailey

Wylie Shelton

Why Murals Are Important

By curating themes, commissioning local artists and actively fundraising, the Mural's Project aimed to bring stunning murals to life.

Murals become landmarks in the community. They are a reason to visit Hermosa Beach which brings economic benefits to the city. Through visual storytelling, murals are public art in the best sense, because they are actually created in public, with the community looking on. Good public art defines the cultural identity of the community. It says, this is who we are or, this is what we think, this is where we came from, this is what we want. And it says these things in a way that everybody can understand and enjoy. Murals educate both kids and adults. Murals allow us to present Hermosa's rich and eclectic culture with our visitors so that they can experience the "best little beach town "located by the Pacific Ocean. 

In the Press

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Daily Breeze, 2019 - Mural #9 Theme Reveal

Easy Reader, 2018 - Punk & Skate Mural

Easy Reader, 2017 - Lifeguard Mural

Daily Breeze, 2016 - Volleyball Mural

Easy Reader, 2015 - Great Wave Mural

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