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Mural Walking Tour

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10 Murals in 10 Years

Chuck Sheldon, a longtime Hermosa Beach resident and former mayor, founded the Murals Project in late 2009 after he and a group of friends toured the murals of Santa Paula and 29 Palms in California.


The group was inspired, and realized that murals can beatify a downtown business corridor and capture Hermosa’s rich and eclectic historical events.


This group formed The Hermosa Beach Murals Project (HBMP), a non-profit corporation, and began planning Hermosa's first mural. Their goal was to have ten murals painted in 10 years. They completed their final Mural in 2021, and were adopted by the Hermosa Beach Historical Society & Museum who will carry on their legacy to share public art and history with the City of Hermosa Beach. Our goal is for this walking tour to become an immersive audio tour downloadable to our Walking Tour App.

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