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Home in Hermosa

Visit the Hermosa Beach Museum to explore our latest rotating exhibit Home in Hermosa.

In 1977, former Mayor of the City of Hermosa Beach and founding member of the Hermosa Beach Museum Pat Gazin became critically aware of the disappearing historic homes in Hermosa, and set out to record their existence for her first book. In 2023 after the designation of the first historic residential home in Hermosa Beach, the Hermosa Beach Museum Staff & Volunteers took a look at this book to see how many houses remained in existence to share a new and updated edition of the remaining Castles on the Sand, and those which are now ghosts. This new edition will be available in early 2024. 


This exhibit features a glimpse into the known history of a small selection of homes in Hermosa that have not yet passed into legend...

In her efforts to chronicle Hermosa’s history, she became critically aware of the disappea

EXHIBITION OPEN through June 2024

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