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JAZZ! SURF! PUNK! Walking Tour

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A Musical Journey Through Time


Produced by Experience GPS Tours (a World of Sound Production Company), this beautifully crafted audio walking tours creating a completely immersive sensory experience. Let yourself be swept away by the stories, narration, music and sound effects. It’s like walking around in a movie…a really good movie.

Discover how this tiny beach town became a mecca for trailblazing music for more than 75 years.  Walk with Joe Nolte, “The Godfather of South-Bay Punk” on a musical journey through time. Along the way, Joe will introduce you to musicians who played here and local fans whose lives were changed by the experience. Music is the thread that connects one generation to the next, but this thoughtful and intimate story is about more than music. It’s about seeing the town you love and grew up in, changing before your eyes. It’s about the rebellious spirit of youth, finding your tribe, growing older and what we leave behind. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, or you’ve lived in Hermosa your whole life, you’ll discover hidden gems, hear untold stories, and better appreciate what truly makes Hermosa, Hermosa.

Although the tour is designed to be walked on location, you can listen to the tour and view photos from anywhere. Hermosa Beach is our first tour. The 75-minute tour is FREE (for now). We hope that all of our walking tours will become full experience audio tours.

This Tour Starts Here:

Location: Hermosa Beach Pier

Stand in the middle of the City Seal, the star shaped mosaic, to start the tour

Duration: 75 minutes
Price: Free (for now)

"This is awesome and I learned so much while taking the tour."

Maureen Ferguson Lewis

"Wow! Good Fun... and I thought I knew my music history of Hermosa."

Patrick Mejia

"Very, very cool! I'm coming back soon with a friend just to do it again."

Heath Rogers

"LOVED it! I didn't want it to end. An amazing contribution to Hermosa."

Steve Collins

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Tour Tips

  • This walking tour is in full sun so use sun protection (hat and shades are highly recommended).

  • Best time to start the tour: 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can walk it anytime, but you’ll go inside a store that is open from 11-7 and walk on the pier which is open 7am – 9pm.

  • This tour is wheelchair friendly.

  • Please be safe and obey all traffic laws. Be especially careful when crossing the bike path (aka the strand). Crossing the strand on a summer weekend can be more dangerous than crossing the 405 freeway at rush hour.

  • Charge your battery! This app uses your phone’s GPS which will drain your battery quickly. Take an extra battery or charger just in case.

  • Take your best headphones or earbuds. The better it sounds, the more you’ll enjoy it.

  • Display & Brightness: You’ll be looking at some photos along the way. Set “Brightness” to maximum. Makes it easier to see photos in the bright sun. 

  • Turn off “Auto lock” (i-phone) or “Screen timeout” (Android). This will keep you from having to repeatedly unlock your phone.

  • Enable “Auto rotate”: Photos automatically rotate when you move between portrait and landscape.

  • Turn on “Airplane Mode” (if you’re not using Bluetooth headphones). Airplane mode will turn off your cell reception, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to

  • If you’re walking with a friend… try to hit the play arrow at about the same time. Countdown “3-2-1 Play”

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