Robi "Bullhog" Hutas:
Life Through His Lens

Now Open at the Hermosa Beach Museum.

Robi Hutas was born in 1935, and grew up in the war-torn streets of Budapest. After fleeing Hungary for the United States, Robi landed in the scenic town of Hermosa Beach where he became a prolific photographer of life in the South Bay. Robi documented the rise and fall of local businesses, homes, and immortalized in print the greatest beach volleyball legends of our time. We will once again see life through Robi's lens at the Hermosa Beach Museum's latest exhibit Robi "Bull-Hog" Hutas.


This exhibition will be on display through March 2022.

Th exhibition opened on Saturday November 13th. We would like to thank the CBVA for sponsoring our Exhibition Opening Event, as well as La Playita for providing refreshments.

The Life and Work of Robbi Hutas (2).png

This video presentation was shared at the Exhibition Opening in Memory of Robi Hutas. We would like to thank Tom Donnelly, Brad Jacobson, Martin Tueling and Vince Ray for contributing fottage of Robi Hutas for the video. We would also like to thank Kevin Cody, Gene Lundy, Jacquilin May, John Miller and Richard Stevens for their interviews. A video of exclusively interviews will be made available at a later date on our YouTube Channel.